09 June 2017

S S School

T turned 5 this April and we had already decided to enroll him in a big school from the UKG. I was little reluctant to do so as that would mean a whole change in the entire schedule and I was not sure how he would cope up with all that. But my happy go lucky son proved me wrong, yet again and proved yet again that I am blessed to have him.

The school started on 1st June, but we had to give it a miss as we came back to Bangalore on that morning. So, ideally, his first day was 2nd June, when his dad took him to the school. It has a huge campus and there are many classes going on in one single building. And the students have increased considerably over the last year. There is no dearth of students, though the school fees are touching the sky. Parents always want the best for their kids and that's the reason they enroll their kids into big, premium schools. T came back from school in the school bus. He looked happy. He didn't seem stressed at all.

From the next week, his bus was supposed to come at 7 am. I was in a shock. T loves sleeping, most kids of his age do! I was paranoid, how would be get up by 6 and finish everything and take the bus at 7? I even thought of sending him for a month in the school bus and then opting for own transport. Today is the 5th day and I have no room for complaints. He wakes up in not less than 5 minutes when I tell him that it's time to go to school. No reasons, no "5 minutes", no crying, no fuss. In less than 20 minutes, he is ready and listens to his favorite songs before leaving for the bus. He understands the clock well by now. So he gets out of the house at 10 minutes to 7 so that he doesn't have to rush. He walks with his pu jeeya (grandmother) to the stop and then the bus comes. Also when he comes back, he is fresh, happy and ready to play. He has skipped the daycare till his grandmother is here. I don't mind it too. He is a good child at home. I don't bombard him with questions immediately. I just ask him if he had fun in school. Psychologists say that kids are put off when they are asked the same questions every day, "What did you do in school"?, "What did you learn today"?. So I skip that routine and his progress in school anyways will be evident when teacher will report about it in the Parent-Teachers Meeting.

The new school does not encourage the comparison of one kid with another. They believe that every child is different and will have different capabilities, different interests. They will not be assessing the child against each other, but they will assess the child on his/her own merits. Extra-curricular activities will also be given equal weightage and the stress will be on overall development, not just rote learning and  I hope this change will help this generation to be better equipped for future. I am not talking about being ready for high salaried jobs, but for other challenges that they might have to face.

I am very excited and looking forward to this academic year. It is going to be a new and learning experience for both of us and we both are going to enjoy it!

10 May 2017

Death beckons

What is that one thing which we all know is going to be faced by one and all who has come in this world? That ends our existence and begins a journey to that different world of souls and hell and heaven? Yes, it is death, which is feared by one and all. Though we all know we can't escape it, we want to be oblivious to the fact that one day we all have to go. In these past 2 months, I have got the bad news of my relative and my best friend's mom passing away. And it brought me to reality which I had tucked away in some corner of my mind.

The relative that I am talking about it is my mother-in-law's own younger sister. She was so full of life, always cheerful and cracking jokes and always positive towards life. She loved traveling and food. She loved having guests at home and making food for them. She told stories and narrated incidents in a very hilarious manner. Within one week she caught some infection and got high fever and she was gone. Fortunately, all her family members were with her in her last days and she was relieved of her pain and suffering. Her mother is still alive and I can only imagine what she must be going through when her daughter suddenly left like this. Everybody was in shock to comprehend what exactly happened and why she left like this in a jiffy? Her breaths were only these many on this earth and we had only this much association with her, I think.

My best friend's mom passed away in sleep after being operated for hip bone fracture. She was ill since many years. She had multiple problems and was in a good shape. She came back from the hospital and her family was trying to make her walk again, but she was not willing to. On Sunday night, she slept as usual and when she didn't wake up on Monday morning, they realized that she is already gone. No matter what how old we become, we would not like to lose our mother. She is the one who created and shaped us and when she leaves like this, the void is such that it can be never ever filled. My friend left for Mumbai immediately and we came to know about the demise later in the evening. Our group of friends were at loss of words, we were staring away in the distant. We had no idea how our dear friend and her sisters and her father must be coping with the loss. I just sent her a message on WhatsApp, had no courage to talk to her at that time. Maybe after a few days, I will be able to muster the courage and she would be normal by then.

Men find it more difficult to cope alone after wife's demise is what I have observed. I wish god give both the men strength to cope up with the death of the most important person in their life, who shared all these years with them and were a great support to them all this while. It must be feeling horrible to not find the person in the same house, in the same kitchen, in the same bed.

May the souls rest in peace!

01 April 2017

April and hike

End of first quarter.

New financial year for salaried people.

And yes today my company announces hike and new salary structure gets rolled out from today. We will get to know about it only by Monday evening. I was talking the other day to my colleague who asked me about my expectations about the hike and the renewed salary. I said I had no expectations. She was surprised and asked me if I was Shri Krishna. I laughed out at this reference and said Yes!!

I have learnt to be neutral. I had to learn it the hard way, but I have succeeded now. Money comes and goes. But stress that it leaves on us is enormous. So why worry about something that is going to change every year and above everything else is not in my hands? I am ready to accept 0% also. I won't be alone if this happens. There would be many like me who would face it. But I won't fret or fume. I will accept it and keep working.

Life is full of surprises and I would not let any surprise have a negative toll on my mental strength.

Hike or no hike - Sun will rise in the East and set in the West.
0% or 10% - Moon and stars will make the nights beautiful.
Promotion or demotion - Seasons will change and days will become months and then years.

So chill and make the most of this time. The mercury is already shooting up. Don't let it go to your head. Enjoy the mangoes and enjoy the ice-creams and enjoy the vacations with kids.

21 March 2017

The meow story

I am an extremely friendly person.

I am not afraid of cats or dogs or cockroaches or lizards. I do not shout and jump at their sight or run away from them. I react, but not very sensationally. Cats have been a regular in my maternal house when I was in school. There were 3 generations of cats and we all lived very harmoniously for many years. We all loved and pampered those hairy soft balls of fur and also took care of their legacy by almost opening a maternity home for the cats.

20 March 2017

Morning walk

As mentioned in an earlier post, we are doing a challenge with my girlfriends of targetting 30 minutes per day of exercise or any activity which keeps you moving (e.g cycling, jogging, swimming etc.). On Saturday, I woke up at 6:45 am somehow and decided to utilize the time to go for a nice morning walk. I usually do it at 10 am, but never in the morning as I have to do a lot of things at home, including preparing breakfast and sending T to school. So when I got a chance of doing it in the morning (which usually is the good time), I grabbed it with all my might and went off walking.

18 March 2017

The mosquito menace

I stay in a complex of 9 buildings that are divided into A and B Blocks. A Block has 5 buildings and B block has 4 buildings. Between both the blocks there is a huge road on which kids come to play in the evening. It also has a Badminton court and Football court and older kids play football in full swing and there are lot of other activities, like skating and cycling and cricket happening simultaneously on any given evening. One more breed takes an active part in the evening activities along with the humans and they are Mosquitoes!!!

16 March 2017

Summer vacations, yay!!!

It's almost mid-March and kids are busy with their exams and their mothers are more heckled than the kids are. Kids come to play down and relax a bit, but the moms stay at home wondering how can he/she go to play now? Tomorrow is Biology paper and what not. My son is just 5, so we are little away from this hustle bustle of exams. We are still in that carefree zone and I wish later also it remains the same. 

09 March 2017

The idli fiasco

Staying in Bangalore for more than 12 years has brought me still closer to the south indian specialities like Idli, dosa and wada. While in Mumbai, we specially went to Udipi restaurants to have paper dosa and idli wada sambar and chutney. These items were not prepared daily in my house and it gave me all the more reason to go out and try it out.

08 March 2017

Women's Day

I woke up today to a host of messages on WhatsApp wishing and congratulating on Women's Day. I also went with the flow and wished a few of my dear friends. But I kept wondering is only wishing each other  today the actual essence of it? Shouldn't it encompass something more than just awakening to the thought of wishing each other? Thanks to Aabha my friend who actually put this thought on FB and I decided to write about it.

07 March 2017

Untimely rain - A temporary respite

It was getting very hot day by day and I had to switch on the fan today while working. I couldn't just bear the hot and humid climate anymore. I kept feeling that this is going to be a great backdrop for rains. But I was not expecting the rains to arrive right in the evening today. And not only rains arrived, but also thunder and lightning.
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