13 April 2018

It's never too late to learn

The Spring is here now and the dark, gloomy and misty days have given way to bright blue skies and sunny days with trees and plants blooming all over wherever I see. It gives me immense joy and I look forward to my walk in the morning exploring different tracks in the forest nearby and also on the roads which I had not taken till now. I observe that suddenly there are lots of people on the road and roads are teeming with people and their cycles. There are cycles of all shapes and sizes and colors all over the place. The city doesn't have hills and has flat surface and area and it's a very smooth ride for bikers here. I watched every biker passing by with marvel and a great respect. There was only one glitch.

06 April 2018


Last week on a Wednesday morning, around 5 am, T woke up from his sleep shouting "Awwa, awwa". Awwa is a replacement for the word "aai ga" or "hey ram" when one is especially hurt or in pain. All the kids and also sometimes grown ups utter this funny word "Awwa". Yes, so at 5 am it dawned upon us that T has a bad pain in his neck and he is not able to move it to his right side.

29 March 2018

Jaane kya baat hai..

Today is my best friend Sonali's daughter's Zara's birthday. Zara is also my son's best friend and from morning I am thinking about her and the party which they will have in the evening. Last year we were all together, laughing and talking and eating. They will definitely miss us today but I am missing them and all my folks in Bangalore even more. She sent me the little one's pics in her new birthday dress. My son sent his wishes on a Voice message to his dear friend. She told me about the menu which partly she is going to prepare and partly going to order. She is going to cut a Peppa Pig birthday cake today. All my besties, Madhuri, Snehal, Rashmi and others are going to be there, but not me...

21 March 2018

Locked out

What happens when you lock the main house door and go to pick up your son and come back 1 hr later and stand in front of the door trying to open the door which the same key with which you had locked it and the door doesn't open with the same key anymore? You feel like a fool and check the keys again and again and try to open the door several times. You start doubting your capabilities and also think that maybe you are standing before a wrong door perhaps.

14 March 2018

Hawa Hawai - No more

The song Hawa Hawai from the ever green movie 'Mr. India' was immortalized by two ladies. The singer offscreen, who has a vast work in her name and is blessed with wonderful voice, Ms. Kavita Krishnamurthy and on screen by Sridevi, who with her funny dance moves and expressions made that song etched in our memories for a lifetime. She breathed her last in Dubai by accidental drowning and the whole nation wept for her and felt sad for her sudden departure. She had so much potential.

12 March 2018

A walk in the woods

The weather is getting better..
The temperatures are in single and sometimes double digits (in plus)...
The Sun God makes it a point to give his Darshan for longer hours now...
So what better time than now to get back to my favorite activity of walking!

09 March 2018


I came to Germany in November, during the fall and almost when the season was getting grey and cold. In a new place, in a new city, in a new neighborhood, I was not sure how I was going to survive. But thankfully things fell in place and my son got admission in the Kindergarten immediately. I was relieved because he would be busy and not get bored at home. He would start school only in September 2018. In his Kindergarten, I happened to come across this monthly newspaper called 'Karlsruher Kind' (The Karlsruhe child) which has different events and activities and places, flea markets for kids and parents listed out for that particular month in Karlsruhe and the surrounding areas. This was where I first saw the advertisement of Private Music School Wasmer (Music School Wasmer). And the music lover in me immediately leapt in joy!

08 March 2018

Just like that

Today is International Women's Day. My Facebook wall and WhatsApp is flooded with messages and I am quite amused by the revenue generated by these different Apps on a "special day" like today. Suddenly the whole world wakes up and sends and forwards messages though they might not really mean them or live a life like specified in them. They are after all "good to have" things and virtues. Who really thinks about them in day to day life?

05 March 2018


I came across this wonderful poem on my favorite Facebook corner, The Senior Reading Raccoons. Someone had shared it on the group and I was in awe and dumbstruck. What choice of words! What feelings! What self-affirmation!

25 February 2018

Her Master Key by Shruti Johri (Book Review)

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am a part of the Senior Reading Raccoons on Facebook and that is the forum where many new authors take birth. They showcase their work to other fellow members and ask for their frank opinions and reviews. On this forum, I met Shruti Johri, who recently released her book, Her Master Key. It was not available on Kindle earlier and as soon as it was available, she informed me about the same and I promptly bought it and started reading it on my Kindle.
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